Hello Mythter and Mythis

The thing that I’ve realised about myth in the last hour, is that if you want to write, or have a conversation with myth as the theme, you quickly sound like you are more than a little drunk, or you have a lisp.  Notwithstanding this slight disadvantage I have decided to plough ahead and create this forum to explore, write stories about, and discuss the ways that we can use myth to both question our lives as they are, and to re-weave the fabric of our lives to make it something that delights us.

It is impossible to write about myth without pulling on and honouring the work of the legendary Joseph Campbell who spent his life studying the myths and religions of the world to uncover the truths of humanity which lie behind the stories and characters within them.  If you haven’t come across his work, I will be delighted to introduce you to it here but I will try to fight the temptation to insert reams and reams of his very quotable quotes as an alternative to my own thinking, writing and experiences.  However I will without doubt borrow a bit.  He does it so very well you see.

The fundamental concept behind this blog, which it is only fair to let you in on from the start, is that everything around us has been made up by someone at some point.  Everything we have, everything we are, came from nothing but a spark of a conscious, or an unconscious, thought.  Our ability to create stuff as humans is phenomenal.  So, if it’s all made up, how about we make up a version of life that we love?  How about making up, and making real a life that is full of the things, the actions, the people, the activity that we love?

This is my choice now, to keep making up my own myth, to make up my life and keep making it up.  Rather than feeling that I have to follow a dreary path that has been set out by others, I am making it up myself.  I love sailing, I love my coaching practice, I love dancing, romance, sex, sunshine, travel, learning and teaching.  I’m busy making up a life that has all this and more – not just in moments, but woven into the very fabric of my daily life.  This is what I’d love to share with you, and learn about with you.  So please join the fun, and make it up with me.


9 thoughts on “Hello Mythter and Mythis

  1. This is fantastic to read. Very brave of you to be taking such action in your life. I am really taken by the use of metaphor in my work running an organisation as a way to get things across to people creatively. I think using myth in ones own life could be very powerful. I can see why you’ve written this blog posting the way you have, to set the scene, as an introduction…I now want to turn to chapter one and be taken into a magical world…look forward to the next entry. Phil Mulligan

    • Thanks Phil, great to hear from you. Yes, I’m looking forward to writing more. When you’re making it up day by day, things can move fairly quickly, so I don’t think I’ll run short.

  2. A beautiful reminder Thea that we really are all making up our own myth. When I remember this then it’s easier to make more purposeful choices everyday and focus on the things that I love … and follow my bliss ….
    look forward to hearing more ..
    Paula x

    • Thanks Paula – I’m loving writing about this, it’s another way to help keep it all in the present, the choices I make, my awareness of the fact that I’m making up my life the way I love it. An unexpected result of taking action. x

  3. Wonderful, Thea, congratulations on getting started. I love your writing voice – very authentic to how I know you.

    Like your work, the great blend of light and powerful, funny and serious, informed and not knowing, is lovely to be around.

    Thank you for my Ent. May many others discover their powerful myths with you.

    Love, Alister

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