Staying put but not staying still

Things are shifting a lot already in the myth factory that is my life. Although a myth cottage industry is probably a more accurate term at this point, as it is my own myth I’m working on rather than churning out myths for others to live by.

Having said that the existence of this forum is a bit of a clue that I am keen to  grow my cottage industry and involve others in making up their own myth. I love helping people to uncover what it is they love in life, and bring more of that into their world.  I want to encourage people reading this (and many more who aren’t yet) to get imaginative about what they want in their life, to raise the bar and get creative.  So, I guess I do want to create a myth factory, but it’s a factory where everyone is given the inspiration, the encouragement, the tools, and the support to make up their own version of life, rather than comply with the limitations of the mass-produced, made in Taiwan version that many of us live as a default.

I came to this way of life myself through a stretching and fun period of learning and experimenting, guided by my teacher and friend, Darren Eden.  With him, I learnt to make my intuition my primary guiding force and information source.  I use my intuition daily, indeed, in the moment, to choose what I’d love in any situation, and to get the action that will create that end result.

Our intuition is such a valuable  resource, and more easily accessed than you might think. It is a vibrant, imaginative and interesting way to chart your course through life. Following your intuition is like following breadcrumbs because there is no project plan, or step-by-step guide, just the next action, and the next action knowing you are focussed on an end result, and somehow these actions are leading you to it.  The vivid nature of living in this way is expressed beautifully by Elle Harrison, author of Wild Courage: A Journey of Transformation for You and Your Business (highly recommended reading).

Listening to our intuition, we lean our awareness into the present.  We notice what captures our attention, what draws our curiosity, what brings us alive – and we follow it.  In a sense we therefore participate in a vibrant field of energies and possibility that exist right here, right now, and that also draw us into the future with their unfolding…seen in this way the future is not an inanimate space we walk into, but something that is alive, magnetic, charged.

Elle Harrison, Wild Courage: A Journey of Transformation for You and Your Business, Watkins Publishing, 2003.

That alive, charged space Elle talks about means that nothing stays fixed for long.  When you are making it up, I’m learning that you also learn to shift and bend with circumstances, and to the magic that you create along the way.  When I started writing these pieces, my intention was to leave on a trip to Mexico this week, to experiment with a mobile life in the sun; sailing, coaching, being somewhere warm and colourful, warm sea a constant companion.  I’ve had my leaving party, I’ve received presents and cards wishing me luck and I’ve communicated with friends in Mexico that I’m on my way.

However, a bit of magic has just popped up, another breadcrumb has been dropped into my path, and plans go out of the window (I knew there was a reason I hadn’t actually bought my ticket).  A great tantric teacher, (Nityama, otherwise rather wonderfully known as the Tantric Mongoose) who lives in America and who has been living very privately for two years, has very unexpectedly rocked up in London town.  I did some work with him 4 years ago, and could see then the depth of knowledge and wisdom he had to share, but I chose working with Darren at that point rather than going to America to learn more.  Suddenly, and very magically at a moment when I have very recently decided to deepen my understanding of tantra, here he is.

In the old days I would probably have carried on with the original plan, or at least, got very stressed about shifting my own direction and not delivering on the expectations I’d set up in others and myself.

Today, my intuition is my guide, and intuition above all takes you to what you’d love and what’s obvious.  What’s obvious here is that when the mountain comes to Mohamed, it just seems rude for Mohamed to pack her bags and jet off. So, for a few more weeks at least, I’m staying put, and the biggest move I’ll be making is to swap bedrooms with my house mates, and to trundle happily off to Cardiff for my friend’s Hen House Party which I thought I would be missing.

I’ll be staying put, but I won’t be staying still.  It’s obvious to me that working with Nityama is an important part of the story I’m living, another facet of the life I’m creating.  I don’t know exactly what that is yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out and I promise to tell you all about it then.


6 thoughts on “Staying put but not staying still

  1. Wow Thea – that’s so great. I feel a freedom from what I’ve just read regards decisions I make and the loyalty I then feel I have to have for them. The truth is ‘I don’t have to. Thanks. Nikki x

    • I think one of the lessons I learnt so well from the changes in the Academy of Greatness last year Nikki. It’s so important to stay connected to your decisions so you know if they still ring true for you, and to feel free to take other action when they don’t. Thanks for reading x

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