The simple myth of a colourful life

Do you have colour in your life?  I try to, and I also realise how quickly, particularly in relationship to my wardrobe, the colour quietly gets stripped away leaving me once again wearing too much functional black and grey.

Most of my clothes are now in storage in preparation for my journeying life and I am left with three core outfits.  I have some beautiful red tops, and the funky furry jacket that was my sister’s till I wore it into becoming mine, but the staples are suddenly very uninspiring.  The lack of choice has brought into stark relief the lack of brilliant colour.

Colour – what is colour?  Colour has a vibration, it prompts feelings and states, resonates with memories and appreciation.  I love colour, I’m throwing everything at creating a vibrant and colourful life, a life that vibrates with love, resonates with brightness and moments of connected joy and appreciation.  Why on earth would I want to do that clad in sombre shades – even with splashes of red?

The little black skirt that I bought last year when I reconnected with the fact that I have lovely legs and there’s no reason not to celebrate that, is now hanging off me.  Time to find something brighter, and possibly even shorter, that fits, and which lights me up when I put it on. I can have fun wielding needle and thread to bring my own colour and creativity to my limited wardrobe.  What little things can I add that will bring more of me to life in what I’m wearing?  It’s time to get creative and colourful, to wear what I love on the outside, as well as nurturing and shaping it on the inside.


2 thoughts on “The simple myth of a colourful life

  1. The title of your blog and the subtitle “Making up life and loving it” really appeals to me. Best wishes for you as you figure out what you want and how to go about living it.

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