Pulled by the Energy of the Sea

My blog writing has been quiet recently, rather hampered by the fact that I’ve been living the dream for the last 5 weeks on board a lovely boat called Kipper, first sailing to Ireland and back, and then doing my RYA Day Skipper qualification. If you’re hearing something of a smug grin in there, spot on.

I have literally been pulled back to writing by the energy of the sea as I have just experienced it in Brighton on a visit to my Mum. Rarely have I seen the sea in this part of the world so exuberantly un-restrained and energetic. Surging white caps, foaming breakers, wheeling gulls, mistily seen through my quickly salted specs. The real power was in the pure rush of energy that surged through my body, blasting through my core, and connecting all of me to the full power of the wind and the waves as I stood and received the sea.

It took me back to words spoken by Einstein and posted by a friend today on facebook.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”

For the moment let’s leave aside my growing belief that Einstein, genius that he was, knew facebook was coming and devoted huge chunks of his time to thinking up sayings that we could scatter around our online world to inspire our ongoing efforts to have a life. This one really does it for me (again).

It has become clear to me that my future is intrinsically tied up with sailing and the sea. The Ireland trip was very much a choice to test my relationship with this wonderful activity. Am I a fair weather sailor, happy to have a couple of weeks on the Med in summer, or up for the full deal? Struggling out of a narrow bed for the 4 am watch, being thrown around a boat bashing through waves at a silly angle and laughing with my watch mate about buckets of water being flung over our heads at regular intervals showed me that I was up for all of it. I love the sea in all its shifting glory, I love the cleverness and beauty of boats, I love the team spirit of a crew and learning from skippers who have mastered this ancient skill.

Building a new business, with money tight, and nothing certain, it seems like a ridiculous luxury to be devoting scarce resources to sailing (you don’t even want to know the cost of sailing boots, although they are simply wonderful). But there is an energy there that meets mine and today demonstrated that without any doubt.

It is out on the water, and tied up on quaysides, that I find my bliss. Little bubbles of inspiration are rising that bring together the deep, intuitive sessions I would love to offer people to help them transition from one level of life, up to the next, and the opportunity to take the learning of those sessions into a new, potentially testing environment to see what comes up. Little seeds of possibilities. The challenge for me is to keep connecting with, and embodying the frequency of this thing I love by going to sea, and knowing that it is there that the myth I love to create comes alive.