Thea Allison

My passion for making up the myths we love, rather than blindly following the myths others have created for us came as a result of 3 years of learning to use my intuition to guide my footsteps.  Intuition is such a wonderful aspect of our human beingness and it’s there on tap if you know how to ask.  When I use my intuition, my vision gets more lively, filled with greater expectations of what I can achieve and opening me up to the possibilities that my doubts and fears would otherwise let me bury.

I stepped on this path in my late 30s when I started to look at my life and wonder why it felt so empty.  Why I could create success at work, but not personally.  I was single, with no children, and doing a job that I often enjoyed, but which was also draining me and leaving me no time to relish life.  It  felt like my world was shrinking year by year, and that within it I was more a striving man than a luscious woman.  I was determined to change that because I somehow knew my life could be a miracle to celebrate rather than a test to survive.

It is through my intuition and imagination that my own mythical nature became revealed to me, in stories and symbols.  A beautiful red dragon who listens to the beating hearts of the world ready to support people who are wondering why they aren’t getting what they believe must be possible for their lives.  The red dragon is there to  encourage those people to go on the journey back to themselves – to their mythical nature.  Her gift is fierce love, encouragement, admiration and the flame that reveals the strategies of survival that need to be burned away for the true myth to flourish.  She is also maternal, feminine, loves flight and adventure and surrendering herself to love for her mate.  When I connect with that aspect of myself, I create more, love more, experience more – in stillness as well as action.

I am now a coach, using intuitive techniques to guide other people to grow into the being they’d love to be.  I am a teacher, loving taking that learning into groups, and suddenly a writer.  I am currently living a life on the move, leaving my (recent) London home to follow my love of sailing and the sea, and my intuitive understanding that I will create more by moving on than by staying still right now.


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