Life’s Precious Pearls

Pearls are a bit of an intuitive theme right now; the pirate girl, dreaming of treasure. Pearls of wisdom, pearls of wealth, the grain within pearls; seeds of ideas that grow and shine as you sit with them and let them agitate within you until they become unique and beautiful.

My current challenge from a mythical collaborator is to share my pearls as they come, short, sweet, uncensored.

What jumped out today is how often the gems of life come from its simplicity; from little, living moments in time. We never know what of our own experience will inspire but usually I find it is the simple stuff that shines most brightly, lighting up your own day, or illuminating another person’s thinking. These little thoughts, based on real living, nestle within, gleaming and bright, showing us how amazing life is simply because its deepest lessons can come in any moment, any interaction, any view, any minute of reflection or experience.

The other day I took some time to sit outside a pub, enjoying a naughty pre-sun-over-yard-arm pint, mulling over my new business plans and absorbing Brighton revelling in the delayed spring. Nothing was significantly different, the worries I have been experiencing remained in the background, but nothing could diminish the lustrous gift of being where and who I was, of the choice of being that I had made. All the joy of life seemed to condense into that half hour, a gift and an inspiration that has stayed with me all week. Very quickly, rather than stick with business thinking, I found myself writing a quick letter to my Dad to let him know I’ve been thinking of him. Another simple and precious pearl.

Such moments can easily get hidden in the messy straw of busy lives, in the scurry and scratchiness of making ends meet, of our obligations and duties, our worries and concerns. But it’s simple if we let it be. When we indulge in small moments of pleasure, when we fully live in the enjoyment of every day things, we are sharing in the treasure of life and nourishing the seeds of new pearls within us.


Trippling the Light Fantastic on Women’s Day

I am so inspired by the women of the world, by the women of my life, and by myself as a woman.  Today I got a beautiful moment of learning about one of the most powerful aspects of being a woman that is maybe less familiar, and certainly less generally celebrated, but which forms a core of the myth I’m living.

As I mentioned in my last article, I have recently embarked on a rather wonderful exploration of tantra and it is starting to open up an incredibly rich and intense relationship with the sexual energy that is available to me as a woman.  All my life I’ve admired women for their work, for their love, for their courage and sheer bloody-minded determination and inventiveness.  I now add to that a jaw-dropping appreciation of what miracles we are in energetic terms and in our natural ability to receive pleasure when we make the choice to be fully present to ourselves in the moment.

Whatever that means.

Maybe it will help if I give you an example.

I am on the whole a pretty brusque bather, my showers are generally speedy affairs that have earned me the reputation of being a tomboy as I emerge scrubbed, shaved (that’s legs, not chin) and ready for the next bit of the day minutes after starting my ablutions.  Today followed that pattern, in the shower, hair done, armpits and legs shaved, body soaped and clean.  And then I made the best decision of the day, which was to linger a moment and read my choices to myself.

My choices are a part of my intuitive practice; eight aspects of my Land Of Plenty that I would love to create in my life, established through a simple and powerful imaginative exercise.  They give the myth I am creating a structure and I read them aloud every day, and regularly ‘tune in’ intuitively to each choice to connect with the vision I’d love to create, the reality of where I am in relationship to that, and actions that will bring the vision into my life.  My choices this year have an interesting flavour to them not a million miles away from the tantric work, including the one that had a rather dramatic effect on my morning bathing experience: I love being supported by the vibration of my sexuality.

To be honest, my head doesn’t have a clue what this actually means, but I learnt today that my body is pretty sure what it’s all about.  As soon as I connected with the words, and the images that are part of the vision of this choice, my whole being opened up to the moment, to myself and to what my senses were experiencing in the shower that my hurry to get into the day had shut off from me.

Talk about a revelation.

Suddenly my whole being was suffused with the pleasure of the water on my skin, and aware of the energy that was flowing from that pleasure.  There was so much to explore and play with, so much to enjoy.  Simple, easy to access, innocent even.  My birthright as a woman, and all it took to experience it was to open up to myself, to be in myself, to shift out of my busy head and and check in with what was actually going on for me, what my body was telling me about that moment, right there and then.  If you know the film Pleasantville, think trees bursting into flame.

The myths we get caught in so often take us out of the moment and into our worries, our schedule, the future and the past.  This Women’s Day it was such a delight to really choose to be present to the most important woman in my life – me; to give myself time to appreciate the woman I am, the miracle of my body, and the pleasure so simply available to me.

It was a lovely lesson that I took into the rest of my day, really aware of being in my body and enjoying the many moments of pleasure that were there for me: the company of my friend Kat, the delight of seeing the ducks all suddenly partnered up and tootling happily around the park lake in comfy couples,  the deliciousness of a piece of toast with Nutella, the beauty of a man engrossed in drawing by the river.

Women are creatures of incredible resourcefulness and courage, and we are also creatures of pleasure.  We have huge resources to enjoy life through our senses.  Any moment can open up a world of delight, of taste, touch, sight, sound, smell to make your day special.  Indulge yourself and celebrate.